Bashlin Anchors, Climbers, Replacement Gaffs and Pads

Bashlin Climbing Straps

No. 85N Top Straps 1-1/16″ x 24″ 10 oz
No. 87N 2 pc. bottom straps (not pictured)
1-1/16″ x 28″ (unassembled) 12 oz
No. 89N 2 pc. bottom straps with circle rings 1-1/16″ x 28″ (assembled)

Bashlin Replacement Gaffs


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Bashlin BD14T Climber:

Light, aluminum alloy climber with an offset shape and replaceable steel gaff.

No. BD14T-1N Climbers with bottom straps 3.6 lb
No. BD14T-2N Climbers with bottom and top straps 4.8 lb
No. BD14T-4N Climbers with straps and #130D pads 5.8 lb
No. BD14T-5N Climbers with straps and #140DS pads

Bashlin BD16BT Climber:

Rugged steel alloy climber has a roomy ankle area and replaceable gaff.
No. BD16BT-1N Climbers with bottom straps 4.9 lb
No. BD16BT-2N Climbers with bottom and top straps 6 lb
No. BD16BT-4N Climbers with straps and
#130D pads 7 lb
No. BD16BT-5N Climbers with straps and
#140DS pads

Bashlin BD9 Climber:

Climber Pads

Bashlin No. 145 Climber Pads

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Originally made for western tree experts, this durable pad features a harness leather back and deep felt padding. It offers extra protection and is built for comfort during long hours of use.
No. 145 Climber Pads 3 lb
(Require 2 #85N top straps)


Bashlin No. 105 Series Climber pads

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105 Series Climber pad


Bashlin No. 150T T-Shaped Climber Pads

No. 150T T-shaped pad (not padded) 8 lb
No. 150TS T-shaped pad (padded) 9 lb
No. 110D 2-ply pad (not padded) 6 lb
.No. 110DS 2-ply pad (padded) 7 lb

Bashlin No. 130D & 140DS L Shaped Climber Pads

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No. 130D L pad 1 lb
No. 140DS Wing pad 1.25 lb