Husqvarna Brush Cutters and Forestry Clearing Saws

Husqvarna Brush Cutters are lightweight, strong and well-balanced so you can do your job more efficiently, with less effort and in as short a time as possible. Please call for prices.

Husqvarna 323R Brush Cutter

1.5 cu.inch / 24.5 cm³ 1.2 hp / 0.9 kW 9.9 lbs

Our lightest brush cutter. A versatile model for a variety of tasks, from light edge trimming to clearing thicker grass. Angled handle bar and combi guard for both trimmer heads and grass blades. Ergonomic and comfortable harness.

Husqvarna 326RJX Brush Cutter

1.5 cu.inch / 24.5 cm³ 1.2 hp / 0.9 kW 10.1 lbs

A lightweight trimmer that comes standard with both grass blade and trimmer head. Straight shaft for extended reach and a transparent fuel tank for checking the fuel level.

Husqvarna 326RX Brush Cutter

1.5 cu.inch / 24.5 cm³ 1.2 hp / 0.9 kW 10.1 lbs

A lightweight brush cutter for long, fast-paced clearing. Equipped with our E-TECH II engine, this brush cutter is well-suited for work in parks, golf courses, gardens, etc. Its ergonomic double harness, and angled handlebars provide a comfortable working position. Other features include: combi-guard for trimmer heads and grass blades, wearplate under the engine, and a reinforced spark plug guard

Husqvarna 324RX Brush Cutter

1.5 cu.inch / 25.0 cm³ 1.1 hp / 0.8 kW 12.1 lbs

Effective brush cutter equipped with 4-stroke engine for long, fast-paced work shifts. Suitable for working in parks, golf courses, gardens, etc. The ergonomic and comfortable double harness and the angled handlebars for quick adjustment provide a comfortable working position. Combi-guard for trimmer heads and grass blades.

Husqvarna 335RX

 2.1 cu.inch / 34.6 cm³ 2.2 hp / 1.6 kW 13.7 lbs

Husqvarna 335Rx is a new brush cutter in the versatile 35 cc class. Husqvarna 335Rx is built for tough commercial use. Top class performance is provided through raw power, unique ergonomics and excellent durability. Husqvarna 335Rx is equipped with a comfort package including comfort grip handles, Ergo Cruise and Smart Start. Powered by our new X-TORQ engine providing higher torque over a wider rpm range.

Husqvarna 235R

 2.2 cu.inch / 36.3 cm³ 1.8 hp / 1.3 kW 16.1 lbs

The 235R brush cutter is ideal for use in dense vegetation with either a trimmer head or a blade. Fitted with our largest E-TECH engine. The LowVib vibration dampening system effectively reduces vibrations in both the handles and in the parts that come in contact with the body, reducing fatigue during long shifts.

Husqvarna 343R

 2.7 cu.inch / 45.0 cm³ 2.7 hp / 2.0 kW 18.1 lbs

Low-weight brush cutter with low-vibration levels. Transparent fuel tank for easy fuel level control. Optimized center of gravity for superior ergonomics.

Forestry Clearing Saws

Husqvarna 345FX

2.6 cu.inch / 43.0 cm³ 2.9 hp / 2.1 kW 17.2 lbs / 7.8 kg

Maximize your productivity with exceptional maneuverability, lightening fast acceleration and high power. LowVib, asymmetric handles and convenient thumb throttle increase comfort and efficiency. E-TECH engine provides easy starts, low emissions, fuel economy and plenty of power. Handlebar is fully adjustable without tools and folds for transport or storage. Comes standard with Husqvarna Trio-Balance harness.

Husqvarna 355FX

3.3 cu.inch / 53.3 cm³ 3.8 hp / 2.8 kW 19.6 lbs / 8.9 kg

The world’s first clearing saw with unique comfort heating of the handles for smooth work during cold and wet shifts. Exceptionally easily operated machine with high performance and unique ergonomic solutions. Short and smooth shaft with the bevel gear angled 24 degrees simplifies directional felling in dense forests. Easily started E-TECH engine with rapid acceleration and reduced emissions. Angled handlebar and ergonomic handles as well as thumb throttle control for comfortable, accurate handling. Very low vibrations thanks to an effective anti-vibration of the engine, drive shaft and cutting equipment. Easy to start with automatic Smart Start.