We offer a wide variety of shackles to cover many different applications. This includes Galvanized or Self Colored, Carbon or Alloy, and Screw Pin, Bolt type, or Crosby's new Easy-Loc retention system. Shackles connect slings, rigging hardware, chain, lifting devices,Crosby Logo load cells, and other items to loads being lifted or pulled. All Crosby Shackles, except for G-2160’s incorporate markings forged into the product which address an easy QUIC-CHECK ® feature. Angle indicators are forged into the shackle bow at 45° angles from vertical. These are utilized to quickly check the approximate angle of a two-legged hitch or quickly check the angle of a single leg hitch when the shackle pin is secured and the pull of the load is off vertical or sideloaded, thus requiring a reduction in the working load limit of the shackle.

When selecting the right shackles it is important to know:

  • Working load limit
  • Pin Type
  • Bow Style
  • Pin Diameter
  • Bow Diameter
  • Metal Finish Required

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