Wood’s Logging Supply provides a range of high-quality and rigorously tested wire ropes. Our wire rope stress tests comply with industry standards for durability and reliability for all of your heavy lifting needs. We provide high-quality wire rope from 1/8″ to 4″. These products including, high-performance wire rope for cranes as well as wire ropes and chain slings for the Logging, Maritime, and Construction industries. We are also available for wire ropes and chain slings inspections either in-house or at your job site.

Wood's is an exclusive distributor of Haggie Rand tow wires (the domestic replacement). With wire ropes in stock 1.5″ to 2.5″ bright or galvanized domestic and import. We can deliver to any port in the United States and offer on-site installations anywhere along the West Coast from San Diego to British Columbia, along with in-field socketing, zinc to socket fast. In addition, we have wire rope installation trucks with spooling capabilities up to 2.5″ x 5000′ and are on call 24 hours a day.

If you have a question, comment, or request for service, staging of supplies, or would like to contact us for any reason, please fill out the form near the bottom of this page and we’ll respond to you promptly.

Bethlehem Wire Rope

Bethlehem Wire Rope LogoWoods Logging carries Bethlehem Wire Rope, manufactured by Wirerope Works Inc in Williamsport PA. We have a variety of Gauges used in the Logging Industry, Maritime, and Construction Industries. Additionally, we also sell Rigging Supplies and Accessories for lifting and stabilization.

Logging Applications

• Standard — 6×19 Classification
• Specialized  — 6-Pac, Super-B, Super-Pac
• Plastic-infused  — SKYBRITE®, BXL

Construction and Industrial Applications

• Standard  — 6×7, 6×19, and 6×37 Classifications
• Spin-resistant  — 8×19 Class, 19×7, SFP 19™ and SFP 35™
• Specialized  — Flattened Strand, 6-Pac™, 6-Pac RV™, Super-B™, Super-Pac™, Triple-Pac™
• Plastic-infused  — BXL™, 6-Pac BXL

Oilfield and Marine Applications

• Rotary drill lines — 6×19 Seale (refer to 6×19 Classification)
• Plastic-infused drill lines — BXL
• Tubing lines — 6×26 Warrington Seale or 6×25 Seale (refer to 6×19 Classification)
• Specialized tubing lines — 6-Pac, Super-Pac
• Sand and swab lines — 6×7 Classification
• Well measuring line
• Well servicing line
• Mooring lines — 6×37 and 6×61 Classifications

Washington Wire Rope

washington wire rope logo




Washington Wire Rope is one of the fastest-growing wire rope mills in America. They are an energetic wire ropes manufacturer making a big difference to our customers needing general and high-performance lifting, anchoring, and pulling solutions.

Deacero USA

Deacero Wire Rope Logo

We carry a select line of Deacero Construction Products including Pre-Stress Wire Beams, Galvanized Wire Rope, Soft Galvanized Wire Rope. Please call us, or use the contact form to inquire about more specific information regarding Deacero USA products.


WireCo World Group

Woods Logging distributes WireCo World Group, headquartered in Kansas City, MO. We have a variety of WireCo wire rope in their family of brands from Union, Casar,  Oliveira, Camesa, and Lankhorst.

Haggie Rand

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Haggie® Steel Wire Rope (SWR) is a recognized leading manufacturer of specialized steel wire ropes sold under the Haggie® brand. Haggie® has an established track record of engineering excellence and has supplied the South African mining industry since 1921.

Python Wire Rope

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Python High-Performance Wire Rope is engineered for long life and consistent change in direction of pull. We carry a variety of selected Python rope for use in the Logging, Construction, and Maritime Industries.