STIHL Trimmers & Brush Cutters

With interchangeable cutting heads that feature everything from nylon line to metal blades, Stihl trimmers and brush cutters are as versatile as any on the market.

Occasional Use Trimmers

STIHL FS 45 & FS 45 C Trimmer

Low cost, homeowner trimmer. Lightweight with fast-cutting double line AUTOCUT® head and easy-to-service air filter. Primer bulb and starting throttle lock provide fast, easy starts.


STIHL FS 46 & FS 46 C-E Trimmer

Lightweight and powerful, the FS 46 has an extra long shaft to make trimming jobs easier for taller users. Can use either nylon line or a PolyCutT head. STIHL's famous Quad PowerT engine is standard, as is a heavy-duty steel-on-steel clutch and drum.


FS 55 R and FS 55 Brushcutter

Available with bike or loop handles, a primer bulb and starting throttle lock assure fast, reliable starts. Other features include an easy-access air filter and 2-line AUTOCUT® head.

FS 55 RC-E Trimmer

Same great features as the FS 55, now available with Easy2Start™ system. For consumer or light-duty professional use.


FSE 60 Brushcutter

This STIHL electric model has smooth rounded corners, built-in strap fastener, hanger, and extension cord holder. STIHL's special Quiet LineT is a standard feature and keeps the noise level under 60 dB(A)..

Brush Cutters and Clearing Saws

FS 350 Brushcutter

Quad PowerT engine and 4 point anti-vibration system, standard on all STIHL clearing saws, complement a high power-to-weight ratio on the FS 350. Low-maintenance air filter and IntelliCarbT compensating carburetor help maintain constant fuel/air ratio. Soft grip handles are comfortable and easy to adjust.


FS 450 K Brushcutter

The EASYSTART® system is standard on this high-compression workhorse. Special harness is also standard and distributes weight evenly across lower back to reduce fatigue. Critical parts are positioned to reduce damage. Protective glasses supplied.


FS 550 Brushcutter

Our most powerful clearing saw is built for the toughest clearing jobs. Silviculture contractors appreciate the IntelliCarbT compensating carburetor, new 4-point anti-vibration system and ElastoStartT shock-absorbing starter handle.


Professional Trimmers and Brush Cutters

FS 80 and FS 80 R Brushcutter/Trimmer

Featuring the STIHL 25.4 cc "Pro" engine and a flex cable drive. High-performance clutch minimizes slippage under extreme conditions.


FS 90 and FS 90 R Brushcutter/Trimmer

This professional trimmer features the patented STIHL 4-MIX® low emissions 28.8 cc engine. It has a solid driveshaft and offers the end user more flexibility with a choice of cutting attachments.


FS 110 R and FS 110 Trimmer/Brushcutter

Revolutionary new engine design is powerful, lightweight and highly fuel efficient. Professionals will appreciate the fast acceleration and cutting torque in high, wet grass. The STIHL 4-MIX® engine meets EPA 2005 standards.


FS 130 R and FS 130 Trimmer/Brushcutter

Both the FS 130 professional brushcutter and the FS 130 R professional trimmer are powered by a 36.3cc displacement STIHL 4-MIX® engine. This large engine offers 30% more power with only 8 ounces more weight than theFS 110.


FS 250 R Trimmer & FS 250 Brushcutter

More power for the professional user to make each job a little easier. Included are the STIHL exclusive EASYSTART® system, IntelliCarbT compensating carburetor and a solid steel drive shaft.