Pro-Tech Aluminum Flatbed Bodies



Standard Aluminum Flatbed

Pro-Tech's flexible design options allow you to build exactly the flatbed body you need.


Flatbed with Side Slats

Perfect for hauling small parts, pallets, equipment, etc. Removable side slats make this a multi-function choice for working trucks.


Standard Aluminum Flatbed RV Toter

Pro-Tech's flexible design options allow you to build exactly the flatbed body you need.


Deck & Body Dimensions

96" wide x 8-1/2' long
96" wide x 9' long
96" wide x 10' long
96" wide x 12' long
96" wide x 14' long
96" wide x 16' long
96" wide x 18' long
96" wide x 20' long
96" wide x 22' long
96" wide x 24' long

Body Weight

435 lbs.
460 lbs.
525 lbs
615 lbs
730 lbs
895 lbs.
1010 lbs.
1120 lbs
1250 lbs.
275 lbs

* Extruded floor body widths available in 3" increments
** Body lengths available in any increment
*** Approximate body weights include headboard and long sills capsPro-Tech makes standard flatbed bodies, as well as custom and specialty designs for RV toters, contractors, welders and others. Call us today and tell us what you need. Pro-Tech aluminum flatbed bodies combine heavy-duty performance with maximum payload efficiency. Corrosion resistant materials never require painting for consistent quality appearance and low maintenance costs.
Typical options give you a full range of choices for your specific application. Custom flatbed bodies designed and ready for delivery in 2-4 weeks.

Available Options:

  • DOT/ Underride bumper
  • Rear Light Panel
  • Fifth-Wheel Hatch
  • Wood Deck Nailers
  • Stake Racks - Slat or Solid
  • Fold-down or Lift-out
  • Lumber Stops
  • Recessed Fuel Filler
  • Light Modules - CG Mount
  • Chain Pop-ups
  • Rope or Strap Hooks
  • Side Boards
  • Lumber Rack
  • Mud Flaps and many more!