Pro-Tech aluminum cab racks are designed to provide strength, and top quality appearance. Each cab rack design has been tested by an independent laboratory according to the Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 393.106. Cab racks are available for standard truck cab sizes, with unlimited options available. Racks and droms MUST be installed with Pro-Tech mounting kit and per instructions provided. Failure to do so will void warranty and seriously reduce load rating of cab rack.

Warning: For your safety, always comply with all cargo securement requirements of Title 49CFR s.393 et seq.

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Pro-Saver Cab Rack

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Sleek Heptagon perimeter tube enhances the original. Pro-Tech shape and time proven bright aluminum diamond plate panel.

10-1003: 65″ high x 70″ wide
10-1093: 68″ high x 86″ wide
10-1033: 68″ high x 70″ wide
10-1103: 68″ high x 90″ wide
10-1083: 68″ high x 80″ wide

Pro-Tech Traditional Style Cab Rack

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Pro-Tech Original triangular shape perimeter tube with diamond plate panel.

10-1000: 65″ high x 70″ wide
10-1090: 68″ high x 86″ wide
10-1030: 68″ high x 70″ wide
10-1100: 68″ high x 90″ wide
10-1080: 68″ high x 80″ wide

Cab Rack with 10-5000 window

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Window may be ordered with any Pro-Tech Cab Rack or Drom.

10-1003 10-5000

10-1003 Cab Rack with 10-5000

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Two each 10-5902 locking chain hangers, chain trays and 10-2401 tool box. Other options may be added to fit your needs.

Enclosed Cab Rack

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14″ deep compartments provide 37 cubic feet of storage space. Stainless steel, keyed T-latches ensure security. Compartments are sealed with neoprene bulb type weather seal to keep equipment clean and dry. Enclosed units available with any Pro-Tech Cab Rack or Drom.

10-1150: Enclosed 68″ high x 86″ wide.

Conventional Drom Configuration With 10-5–5 window option

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The cab rack panel is 68″ high. The panel and deck are 70″ wide and they match the width of conventional cabs without sleepers. It gives a streamlines appearance and reduces wind resistance.
NOTE: Drom length is measured from forward (cab side) of cab rack uprights, to extreme rear (fifth wheel side) of deck.

10-1150: Enclosed 68″ high x 86″ wide.

Accessories for Tractor-Trailer

  • 10-3501 Full Chain Tray
  • 10-1090 Recessed Chain Tray
  • Beacon Light
  • 8" X 8" Chain Trays
  • 12 " X 12 " Chain Trays
  • 10-1083 Cab Rack with Options
  • 10-5903 Locking Chain Hanger
  • Oversize Load Sign Bracket
  • 10-9401 Mounting Kit
  • Load Light Bracket & Light
  • Cab Entry Boxes
  • In-frame Tool Boxes
  • Aluminum Frame Steps
  • Diamond Plate Deck Cover
  • Grate Style Deck Covers
  • Light Bars: 2 Hole, 4 Hole, 6 Hole
  • Tire Chain Hangers
  • Chain Hangers
  • Scaler Platform