Eye, Shank, and Swivel Hooks

Wood's Logging offers a wide variety of hooks for all sorts of applications. Additionally, we keep many of the most common styles in stock such as eye hook, shank hook, swivel hook, sorting hook, grab hook, and SHUR-LOC® self-locking hook. Another key point is, most hooks are available with hook latches that are intended to retain loose slings or devices under slack conditions. Ultimately, if your hook latch is missing or damaged we also offer replacement latch kits for a wide array of brands and model numbers.

Crosby Hooks

Crosby Logo for HooksCrosby's QUIC-CHECK® Hook features Deformation Indicators, two strategically placed marks that allow for measurement to determine if the throat opening has changed, indicating abuse or overload. In addition, the QUIC-CHECK® hook also has 45-degree angle indicators which help the rigger approximate the sling angle of 2 sling legs in the hook. Moreover, Crosby's hooks are also quenched and tempered to improve ductility, impact resistance, and fatigue properties. As a result, this heat-treating process ensures that the hook will bend significantly before breaking when overloaded.

It is important to make sure that all hooks you are using for overhead lifting have the name or trademark of the manufacturer stamped on them for traceability. However, if the hook you are currently using does not have a manufacturer on them or the manufacturer's markings have become illegible you need to replace the hook to be compliant with ASME standards.

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