Chain Slings

Chain Slings offer years of service and exceptional versatility, as well as immense adjustability. Many different models, hook types, and leg lengths are available to choose from. Chain Slings can also have adjustable leg lengths as an option. Call us for help deciding on the sling that's right for your job.

Although chain slings are designed for rugged, lasting service, precautions should be observed to extend the product’s life. Certain hazards are inherent in the operation of chain slings and users must exercise care and common sense to ensure a safe working environment. Please practice the following safe work rules:



Chain Sling

How To Order:

The following information should be specified when ordering. When in doubt, call us!

Chain Sling Models
* Single leg =  SO
* Two legs   = DO
* Three legs = TO
* Four legs  = QO
* Endless    = ENC

Alloy Chain Types
* Grade 100 Alloy 9/32" through 7/8"
* Grade 80 Alloy 1" & 1-1/4"

Coupling Types
* Mechanically Coupled
* Welded Coupling (Heavy Duty)

Hook, End Fitting Options
* Grab Hooks = G
* Sling Hooks = S
* Foundry Hooks (Heavy Duty) = F
* J-Hooks = J
* Self Locking Hooks = SL
* Oblong Master Link = O

  • Never exceed the working load limit of a chain sling.
  • Assemblies must be rated at the WLL (working load limit) of the weakest component.
  • Do not rest or dump load on chain.
  • Remove twists, knots, or kinks before lifting.
  • Seat load properly within throat opening and centered in the bowl of the hook.
  • Balance load to avoid undue stress on one leg of multi-leg slings.
  • Never bounce, jerk, or shock load a sling when lifting or lowering items.
  • Remove slack by slowly applying the load to the chain.
  • Use pads around sharp corners.
  • Never force or hammer hooks or chains into position.
  • Never anneal alloy chain slings.
  • Do not use in acid solutions.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures (under 20 degrees F or over 350 degrees F).
  • Clean and inspect them regularly.
  • Protect chain from corrosion.
  • Store chain slings in a clean, dry area, preferably by hanging on rigging racks or A-frames.