Buckingham’s climber accessories, such as climber pads, footplate, leg and foot are manufactured using the highest quality leather and man made components. Each product is inspected for quality during the assembly and packaging processes. All Buckingham products are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

3500 Series Climber Pads

The Buckingham Velcro ® 3500 Series climber pads are the most popular in the climbing industry.

– Easy on/off
– Rolled edges prevent chaffing
– 3/4″ of padding
– Infinite adjustment with Velcro ®
– Eliminates top strap
– Fits all manufacturers’ climbers except Brooks, which may be special ordered
– Tunnel design keeps climber stationary

– Options for the 3500 Series:
– 3500 – 4″ cushion pad
– 3503 – 3″ cushion pad
– 3502 – 4″ with metal insert
– 3500C – 4″ with cinch loop
– 3503C – 3″ with cinch loop
– 3502C – 4″ with metal insert and cinch loop

Leather Leg Pads

3120 The Rivetless Pad

Leg straps weave through the slots and the climber fits through the tunnel.

3122 Loop Pad

This pad uses riveted loops to secure both the leg strap and the climber to the pad. All leather construction and ¾” padding make this an all around choice.

3125 Tunnel Pad

Leg straps weave through the riveted loops. The climber is inserted into the leather tunnel for a secure, snug fit.

3126 Super Pad

This pad is thicker and has more cushion than a conventional pad. The edges have been rounded to help prevent chafing. The finest harness and glove leather are used in the construction of this product.

35032 Wrap around Pad

This pad has a metal insert that shapes to the leg. These pads which keep the climber stationary and helps prevent chafing, are manufactured using leather with a felt lining. Fits all Buckingham tree and pole climbers, for Klein climbers add KL to end of product number.

35033 Climber Foot Plate

The footplate attaches to the climber stirrup to eliminate the discomfort associated with the feet, ankles and knees when standing on a pole for extended periods of time.
– Easy on/off
– Fits all manufacturers’ climbers except aluminum
– Rugged steel wil not bend
– Non slip rubber sole

Leg and Foot Straps

Climber Foot Straps

Model No. 21341
Model No. 21391
Model No. 2239